Kylie Minogue in the ‘20.000 Days On Earth’ trailer [x]

"do you ever have that sense of being an outsider? do you love performing still? what’s your earliest memory of a female body? what do you fear the most?" these and many more questions plus nick cave eating pizza plus cars honking at nick cave while he’s chatting behind the wheel plus warren ellis being as sassy as ever in 20,000 days on earth, i guess

Nick Cave & Debbie Harry - Into the Fire

Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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nick cave having a cute “can’t remember anything at all” kinda moment at the very beginning of little janey’s gone (2001 or something)

stuft replied to your photoset “nick cave ruining somebody’s evening, probably. [x]”

like in KC when some doucheburger goes “Don’t be afraid, Nick, we got you” when he was about to go into the audience & Nick says “You must be fucking joking” (there is a 30min vid on YT)

thanks for sharing! will look up on youtube right now. which song were they played when it happened?

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nick cave ruining somebody’s evening, probably. [x]

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