Doctor, Doctor 
I'm going mad
This is the worst day
I've ever had
I can't remember
Ever feeling this bad
Under fifteen feet of pure white snow
Where's my nurse
I need some healing
I've been paralysed
By a lack of feeling
I can't even find
Anything worth stealing
Under fifteen feet of pure white snow



Happy birthday, Nick! 

(*September 22, 1957)

Title: Do You Love Me?
Artist: Nick Cave feat. Me
Played: 366 times


A song from mickeycorleone and mine’s upcoming untitled work in progress nick cave dating sim

film 4 interview feat. some tiny #20kdaysonearth behind the scenes, ian and jane gettin’ deep as usual, nick’s lovely blue swallows shirt etc (9 mins total)


au in which nick cave farts and it dESTROYS ALL OF PLANET EARTH


there’s a certain awkward sweetness slash sweet awkwardness about this wild roses rendez-vous, with kylie being like the fatale prom queen who had no time to get a proper date while crumming for finals, and nick the weird disco music obsessed teenager who somehow managed to hide his crush on her since day one, now finally watching his introvert kid dreams come true. also, my grandma had a golden shirt exactly like that, it was dolce and gabbana and she loved it and now it’s in my wardrobe