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· renatah · asked:  You make me laugh with your gifs quite often. Thanks for that. Especially the Glastonbury one, that was a lot of fun.

pleasure to do that! i assure you i always try my best to keep things professional and objective but my affection for the giffed person always make everything slip to the comic side. tryin’ our best to keep up the bad work around here! 

· Anonymous · asked:  hey where is the gif from with the reporter wanting to take them home? love your blog btw but you probably now that ;D

you gotta just type in youtube something like “nick cave fashion week”, it is the first video popping up. quite hilarious, at some point he fishes out susie from first row to kinda help him through the interview while bobby gillespie giggles his face off in the background. cute stuff.

(sorry i could not provide a specific url, life is hard these days on the road, stealing wifi et cetera)

· anncognito2k · asked:  On "Give us a Kiss" Nick mentions a THORN bush... I still havent' figured out that word you were wondering about, in the next verse. Great blog!

thanks for sharing, cheers!

[turns to audience] anyone else has come up with something for that particular verse?

"average person thinks about murder 3 times a week" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person thinks about murder 0 times a week. Nick Cave, who lives in cave & thinks about murder over 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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tumblr text post Nick Cave edition

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weird guy in black 1: mom im with my bf rn i’ll txt u later ok xoxo
weird guy in black 2: mein goth zis bitch really zinks ive zgot time to losze, i vill call u vhen im dzone vith him, kuss